About Jerry Kline

Jerry Kline of Keller Williams Realty

Jerry Kline is a licensed realtor with Keller Williams Flagship Realty of Maryland. A lifelong resident of the state, he’s lived and worked in a variety of locations throughout central and western Maryland, including in Washington, Prince Georges, Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties.


How Jerry Can Help You . . .

Having worked eight years as a real estate investor, 15 years as a publishing executive and six years as a stay-at-home dad for three toddlers, Jerry brings a wide variety of skills and abilities to serving his real estate clients.
His organized nature and attention to detail stem from his career writing and managing national publications on such technical subjects as federal labor law. His experience buying, remodeling and managing residential investment properties has helped Jerry hone a broad array of problem-solving skills to help clients complete their real estate projects quickly and smoothly. Tying all this together, his caretaker role for his young and active family keeps him firmly grounded in the real world, fostering his compassion, affability and gentle nature.
Jerry’s Approach

When it comes to representing real estate clients, Jerry recognizes that — underlying the emotional aspects of selling or purchasing a home — the complex nature of such transactions requires they be continually nurtured and monitored, up to the time the deed is recorded. His skills and knowledge gives clients perspective in a variety of critical areas, whether those clients are buying, selling, renting or investing in properties.

Although diligent and hard-working, Jerry’s approach to working with real estate clients is somewhat low-keyed. He seeks to provide proactive and pressure-free “customer care” over the more reactive “customer service.” His goal? To stridently protect and promote each client’s interest to ensure they obtain the highest legitimate advantage in pursuing their real estate goals. As a member of the National Association of Realtors, Jerry puts a premium on the organization’s Code of Ethics, using this set of values to guide every one of his transactions.
A Message From Jerry . . . 

“I believe that successful real estate transactions come about as a result of clear communication, understanding and trust between client and agent. Count on me to listen and put my client’s needs first, always without pressure.”

I welcome your ideas and feedback on this blog. Contact me anytime, particularly if you have a real estate need I can help you with. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!


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